24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (2024)

Home Afternoon Tea Tea Sandwiches

By Jee Choe

on Feb 19, 2020, Updated Feb 04, 2024

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Get step-by-step instructions and tips on making tea sandwiches for tea parties at home. If you’re looking for finger sandwiches that are cute and delicious, find them all here!

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (2)

Table of Contents

  • What Are Tea Sandwiches?
  • Expert Tips
  • Prepare Tea Sandwiches Ahead of Time
  • 24 Delicious Tea Sandwiches
  • Questions You May Have
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What Are Tea Sandwiches?

Tea sandwiches (also called finger sandwiches) are small sandwiches made to be eaten in 2-3 bites with your hands.

They’re usually crustless to give them a dainty and delicate look and makes them easier to bite into.

They’re served as afirst course of an afternoon tea before scones and sweets. Afternoon tea is a light mid-day meal and each course consists of small bites.

Because they’re small, tea sandwiches are great finger foods to serve as appetizer for parties or for baby and bridal showers.

Expert Tips

Use a cookie cutter.

To get perfectly uniform tea sandwiches, use a cookie cutter to cut the sandwich ingredients then assemble. A simple shaped cookie cutter (like circles), without any intricate details, work the best.

Use a serrated knife to cut tea sandwiches.

If you’re not using a cookie cutter to cut the bread, make the sandwich then cut using a serrated knife.

Freeze the bread to get clean cuts.

Frozen bread cuts a lot more neatly, and holds its shape better than room temperature bread. Put the bread in the freezer for a couple of hours, or store in the freezer and take it out when you’re ready to make the sandwiches.

Cut off the crust.

Crustless tea sandwiches are easier to bite into and gives them a neater appearance.

Make them bite-sized.

Tea sandwiches are meant to be eaten in 2-3 bites so don’t make the sandwiches too big.

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Prepare Tea Sandwiches Ahead of Time

The sandwich fillings can usually be prepped a day or two before and kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

To make sandwiches ahead of time, assemble sandwiches the night before and loosely cover them with wax paper then a damp paper towel in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep the sandwiches fresh overnight without drying out the bread.

Don’t let the damp paper towel touch the sandwiches since it’ll make the bread soggy. Take tea sandwiches out of the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes before serving so that they’re not cold. Tea sandwiches should be served when they are room temperature.

Cucumber sandwiches are the trickiest to keep fresh so I would recommend assembling the day of but the bread and cucumber slices can be prepped the day before.

24 Delicious Tea Sandwiches

1. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

A classic that should be on every afternoon tea menu, this dainty cucumber tea sandwich is easy to make using just 4 ingredients.

A round cookie cutter creates a neat, clean cut on the bread.

Blotting the sliced cucumbers and spreading on a layer of chive butter keeps the bread from going soggy and limp.

Pair these tea sandwiches with a classic black tea, like English Breakfast tea for a delightful tea time.

Ingredients: White bread, English cucumber, butter, chives


2. BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) Tea Sandwiches

A cute mini version of a BLT, these tea sandwiches are gone in 2-3 bites.

Crusts are cut off the bread using a round cookie cutter and in between each layer is bacon, tomato, and lettuce. It's all held together with a co*cktail fork.

Japanese mayo is used to give the BLT a little tangy flavor.

Make these for a fun tea time and serve them with a pot of tea. They're also great as party appetizers!

Ingredients: White bread, bacon, co*cktail tomatoes, lettuce, mayo



Stacked with 2 layers of ham and cheese, these tea sandwiches are perfectly sized for tea time and party appetizers.

Crustless and made with a round cookie cutter, it's a great sandwich to make with kids.

Mayo and mustard (gives it a little kick) keep the layers together and prevents the sandwich from being too dry.

It's a great tasty savory for kids and adults.

Ingredients: White bread, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, mayo, microgreen leaves


Enjoy Tiffany’s tea sandwiches at home! Thesesavory, tangy, and delicatecorned beef tea and cheese sandwiches on the iconic jeweler’s menu are perfect for your next afternoon tea. Bonus, there’s no cooking involved!

Sliced corned beef adds heartiness and plenty of savory flavor to the delicate tea sandwiches. The mustard spread is a combination of butter, Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, and cornichons. It is tangy and sweet with a slight crunch.

Ingredients: White bread, corned beef, Muenster cheese, salted butter, Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, cornichons

5. British Cheese and Pickle Tea Sandwiches

A cheese and pickle sandwich is a British classic and this mini version is perfect for tea time.

It’s one of the easiest afternoon tea recipes to make at home. It only takes 3 ingredients and there’s no cooking involved, just some prep and assembly.

Ingredients: White bread, Branston pickle, sharp cheddar cheese



co*cktail tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and bread are cut into circles then stacked together. It's topped with basil that stays in place with a co*cktail fork.

There's no cooking required and they're super easy to make.

The recipe makes 4 tea sandwiches and it can be doubled or tripled to make enough for a small group.

A good rule of thumb is to make 4-5 tea sandwiches per person.

Ingredients: White bread, mozzarella cheese, co*cktail tomatoes, basil


7. Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Egg salad sandwiches are on many traditional afternoon tea menus and it's a good one to make ahead of time since the egg salad keeps well in the refrigerator.

A basic egg salad sandwich is made of white bread, chopped hard-boiled eggs, and mayonnaise.

These are given an extra zing with dijon mustard andJapanese mayonnaise.

Serve these tea sandwiches with green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

Ingredients: White bread, eggs, mustard, mayo, sea salt, parsley


8. Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches

Chopped smoked salmon with cream cheese tea sandwiches are easy to make and so easy to eat!

These 2-bite finger sandwiches are a quintessential part of the afternoon tea experience. No cooking is required, just prepping and assembling.

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon juice, dill


9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Tea Sandwiches

These PB&J tea sandwiches are perfect for tea time with kids.

Plastic sandwich bags are used as piping bags for the peanut butter and jelly so it's mess-fess.

Get more tips and tricks to make these 3-ingredient tea sandwiches using step-by-step instructions.

Pair these sandwiches with a kid-friendly caffeine-free tea like hibiscus tea.

Ingredients: White bread, peanut butter, jelly or jam

10. Ham and Brie Tea Sandwiches

A delicious combination of ham, brie and honey mustard in one tea sandwich.

The smoky, creamy, and sweet flavors of the three ingredients are so good together, and the addition of peppery arugula ties the tea sandwiches together while giving it a bright pop of color.

Ingredients: White bread, brie, ham, arugula, honey, mustard


11. Fluffernutter Tea Sandwiches

A mini Fluffernutter sandwich, this is stacked with peanut butter, marshmallow creme, and Nutella.

Kid-friendly, it's perfect for children's tea parties.

The trick to making them perfect is using a round cookie cutter and using plastic bags as piping bags.

Pair these sweet tea sandwiches with an herbal or caffeine-free tea if they're for kids.

Ingredients: White bread, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, Nutella


12. Radish Rose Tea Sandwiches

A crowd-pleaser, these stunning tea sandwiches are made by forming sliced radishes into a rose shape.

Are they a bit of a pain to make? Yes.

Are they super pretty and will wow your guests? YES.

A mandoline slicer is key to getting the radishes the same size. Butter is used to keep the radish rose in place on top of the bread.

They're perfect for baby showers and bridal showers.

Ingredients: White bread, radishes, butter, sea salt


13. Blue Cheese and Pear Tea Sandwiches

Blue cheese and pears are a delicious tea sandwich combination. These 2-bite sandwiches are the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with added crunch from chopped walnuts.

There’s no cooking involved to prepare this easy recipe. All it takes is a little mixing, cutting, and assembling.

Ingredients: White bread, blue cheese, pear, walnuts, unsalted butter, parsley


14. Apricot Jam and Cheddar Tea Sandwiches

Sweet and salty, these apricot jam and aged cheddar tea sandwiches are a perfect for afternoon tea or as party appetizers.

Made with3 ingredients,ready in minutes, and there’s no cooking involved.

Ingredients: White bread, apricot jam, aged cheddar cheese


15. Prosciutto Rose Tea Sandwiches

A decorative rose is made using prosciutto, an Italian ham. It's rolled into a rose and placed on top of white bread.

The tea sandwich under the prosciutto rose is made with sweetened goat cheese and basil.

It's a delicious flavor combination that you and your guests will love.

Ingredients: White bread, prosciutto, basil, goat cheese, honey


16. Club Tea Sandwiches

These tea sandwiches have everything you love about club sandwiches, but they are daintier and easy to eat in 2 bites. They have 3 different kinds of meat (bacon, turkey, and ham) and 3 layers of bread.

The only ingredient that requires cooking in this recipe is the crispy bacon, which no club sandwich is complete without.

Ingredients: Thin white bread, bacon, turkey, ham, butter lettuce, co*cktail tomatoes, mayo



Adorable mini roast beef tea sandwiches that has a little kick from horseradish mayo.

There's no cooking involved in making these tea sandwiches so all that's needed is prepping and assembling.

The roast beef is from the deli section of the supermarket and get it cut thin so that they're easy to bite into.

Ingredients: White bread, roast beef, watercress, horseradish, mayo, pepper


18. Turkey Tarragon Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (20)

“Imagine your favorite chicken salad, with the gourmet factor turned up.”


19. Spicy Avocado Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (21)

An egg salad on pumpernickel bread made creamy with avocado and spicy with hot sauce and chili powder.

The color contrast between the egg salad and the bread gives it a striking look.

Crusts are cut off and the sandwich is cut in half, making them bite-sized for tea parties.

Ingredients: Pumpernickel bread, avocados, eggs, sour cream, chili powder, crushed red pepper, hot sauce, salt, pepper


20. Patriotic Ribbon Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (22)

These pretty tea sandwiches have colorful fillings layered in between super thin bread.


21. Prosciutto, Apple and Brie Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (23)

Prosciutto, brie, apple, peppery radish, and arugula are a delicious combination of flavors in these bite-sized tea sandwiches.

Sage butter and lightly toasted sourdough bread makes these extra special.

Hearty but delicate, these will be sure to please your guests.

Ingredients: Sourdough bread, radish, prosciutto, brie, apple, arugula, sage butter


22. Deviled Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (24)

Classic deviled egg salad sandwich recipe with tips on how to prep them days ahead.

These tea sandwiches are garnished with a chive that is tied around the sandwich.

Great for a casual tea time with a friend or served for afternoon tea.

Ingredients: White bread, eggs, mayo, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, salt, pepper


23. Ham and Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwiches

24 Best Tea Sandwich Recipes for Tea Parties at Home - Oh, How Civilized (25)

“Pimento cheese is not only a Southern staple, but also a classic tea sandwich filling…”

Ingredients: White bread, ham, pimento cheese, okra pods



A mini version of a brunch staple, avocado toast, this is made bite-sized and with quail eggs.

Ingredients: Focaccia bread, avocado, quail eggs, lemon, chives, olive oil, salt, pepper

Questions You May Have

What kind of bread is best for tea sandwiches?

Thin, white bread is traditionally used to make tea sandwiches since they’re the easiest to bite into but you can use whole wheat if you like.

How many tea sandwiches should I make for each person?

Make 4-5 tea sandwiches per person.

How many different kinds of tea sandwiches should I make?

Up to 5 different kinds of tea sandwiches can be made so that each person getting 5 tea sandwiches can get one of each. But making 5 different tea sandwiches is highly ambitious so I would stick with making 2 or 3 for a little variety.

What kind of tea should be served with tea sandwiches?

Traditionally, black tea is served with afternoon tea and they pair great with tea sandwiches. Earl Grey, English breakfast tea, and Assam are all great black tea options.

What are some classic, traditional tea sandwiches?

Cucumber is the most popular tea sandwich and can be found in almost all afternoon tea menus. Smoked salmon and egg with mayo are also popular and are considered classics.

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