Amazon Scam (2023)

Published on 15 October 2021 07:00 PM

Scammers posing as representatives of online retail giant Amazon are targeting the public via email and telephone in a series of phishing scams. The telephone scam consists of an automated call informing the recipient that they have opened an Amazon Prime account and should “press one” to cancel the transaction. Upon pushing the button, the call connects to a fraudster posing as an Amazon customer service representative.

The scammer informs the victim that their subscription was purchased fraudulently due to a supposed “security flaw” on the targeted person’s computer. The bogus Amazon representative then asks for remote access to the recipient’s computer, supposedly to fix the security breach. Remote access allows the scammers to steal personal information, including passwords and banking details.

The email version of the scam informs the target that they have started an Amazon Music subscription charged at £28.99 per month. Similarly, the email asks the recipient to click a link to cancel the subscription and receive a refund. The potential victim is asked to input their card details to receive the refund, instantly sending the details to fraudsters.

Katherine Hart, Lead Officer at CTSI, said: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home and more people are using internet platforms for shopping than ever before. Phishing scams targeting users of big platforms like Amazon have existed for a long time, but the current crisis has made them more vulnerable. “Amazon will never cold-call customers, nor ask for remote computer access or payment over the phone. Do not give any details to the caller, and always verify directly with Amazon by logging into your official account and contacting customer support.

Anyone who receives these calls or emails should report them toAction Fraud or their nearest Citizens Advice Consumer Advice service.

For anyone in North Somerset and North Somerset only you can contact our Anti Scams Officer, Lin Griffin.

Tel: 0744 398 3505



What do I do if I get scammed on Amazon? ›

File an A-to-z Guarantee claim

Log in to your Amazon Payments account on Locate your order or transaction on the Overview page. Click the Details link to view the transaction details. Click Problem with this transaction? or Problem with this order and then click Contact Seller.

Does Amazon notify you of suspicious activity? ›

Amazon cares about your privacy and security. We may occasionally send you Security Alerts about important changes to your account, or if we notice new activity that we want to confirm with you.

Who do I contact if my Amazon account has been hacked? ›

What do I do if someone hacked my Amazon account? Immediately change your password and remove all linked credit, debit, or bank cards stored in the Wallet section of your account. If there has been unauthorized activity on your account, report it to Amazon's customer service team (888-280-4331 in the US).

Does Amazon email you if someone is trying to access your account? ›

If we think your account has been compromised, we'll contact you to verify that you are the person who logged in, purchased something, or made changes to your account settings. You can proactively monitor sign-in attempts through the “Secure Your Account” option under the Login & security settings.

How do I get my money back if I was scammed? ›

Contact your bank immediately to let them know what's happened and ask if you can get a refund. Most banks should reimburse you if you've transferred money to someone because of a scam.

What to do after I got scammed? ›

Article: 6 Steps to Take after Discovering Fraud
  1. Don't pay any more money. ...
  2. Collect all the pertinent information and documents. ...
  3. Protect your identity and accounts. ...
  4. Report the fraud to authorities. ...
  5. Check your insurance coverage, and other financial recovery steps.

How do I stop fake texts on Amazon? ›

If you received suspicious communication pretending to be from Amazon and you don't have an account with us, report it to us at This opens in a new window.

Does Amazon send text messages about suspended account? ›

Yes, these texts are a phishing scam.

How do I report phishing texts? ›

If you got a phishing email, forward it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at . If you got a phishing text message, forward it to SPAM (7726). Report the phishing attempt to the FTC at

Can someone log into your Amazon account? ›

If you've received a one-time passcode or sign-in notification that you didn't request, someone else may have access to your password. You should reset your Amazon account password immediately.

Did Amazon get hacked recently? ›

In March 2023, a ransomware group claimed to have data pertaining to Amazon Ring. Amazon denied that they had been breached, and so far, no other evidence has surfaced to substantiate the breach.

How do I report phishing to Amazon? ›

If you wish to report a suspicious email claiming to be from Amazon that you believe is a forgery, you may submit a report. You may also forward phishing emails and other suspected forgeries directly to

How does Amazon verify your account? ›

There are a few ways you may be asked to confirm your sign-in:
  1. Enter a six-digit verification passcode that we send to the email address or mobile phone number you have on file with Amazon.
  2. Confirm your sign-in using an Amazon mobile app. ...
  3. Answer a security question about your account.

Can someone steal your information if you open an email? ›

Just opening the phishing message without taking any further action will not compromise your data. However, hackers can still gather some data about you, even if all you did was open the email. They will use this data against you to create more targeted cyber attacks in the future.

What is Amazon's official email? ›

What is Amazon's email address? You can contact their support by writing to one of the emails:,,,

Does Amazon refund all stolen packages? ›

Amazon's policy on stolen packages is straightforward. If a package is marked as delivered, but the customer did not receive it, Amazon will investigate the situation and take appropriate action. This can include providing a refund or a replacement package.

What happens if Amazon doesn't refund? ›

If we deny your A-to-z Guarantee Refund request for purchases made on, you can appeal the decision. To make an appeal for purchases made on Go to Your Orders and select View Order Details. Locate the order.

Will Amazon refund if seller doesn't respond? ›

If the seller fails to respond or is unwilling to work with you, you can submit a claim. A claim can be submitted between 15 and 90 days from the order date to submit a claim. If the item arrives broken, defective, or misrepresented, you'll need to file a claim within 14 days of when you get it.

Can I sue Amazon for scamming me? ›

If you paid amazon for a good or service, and they said it was delivered but you never received it, you may be able to sue them in small claims (or another) court for your money back. You may also be able to sue them for false advertising if they claimed it was going to reach you in a specific amount of time.

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