DeepL Real-time PDF translation is here (2024)

Update May 2023: DeepL no longer sends PDFs to third-party organizations—all of your data is secure and processed in-house. Learn more in our latest blog post.

Our real-time file translation feature now supports PDF as a file format.

As we continue to provide a best-in-class translation experience for over half a billion people globally, adding the PDF format was important for our community. Over 70% of DeepL Pro users requested it in early 2021. And when our users ask, we listen!

Fast and accurate PDF file translations

Whether it’s an eBook or a document from an international client, you can now translate entire PDF files with just a few clicks. All fonts, images, and formatting remain in place so you can enjoy unbeatable translation quality and increase your efficiency in one go.

The number of document translations available to you per month depends on your plan. Free users can translate up to three documents per month (5 MB file size, 100K character limit), while DeepL Pro subscribers have more flexible options. The PDF translation feature is also available for API users who want to build this feature directly into their custom business applications.

DeepL teams up with Adobe Inc.

DeepL uses an Adobe API to convert PDF content to formatted text and then to convert the translated document back to a PDF. It only takes a few seconds, but it’s important to note that your PDF file and the translated document will be sent to Adobe Inc., located in the US, to be converted. The translation will, of course, be performed by DeepL. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

Two ways to translate PDF files

If you use one of DeepL’s desktop apps, you’ll soon have two options for translating PDF files:

  1. Real-time PDF translation allows you to retain file formatting. However, your PDF file will be sent to Adobe Inc. in the US for technical reasons. This feature is not available in the desktop apps yet, but will be released soon.
  2. Or you can translate your file via OCR (optical character recognition), which is a process that identifies text within files. Simply upload or drag and drop your PDF file into the app. The text will then be extracted from the file and inserted into the text translator for translation, so it won’t retain its formatting. If you use OCR, your file won’t be sent to Adobe Inc.

Real-time PDF translation is now available via the web translator, the DeepL API, and will soon be available via the desktop apps, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac.

Please keep in mind that custom fonts and large image sizes might impact the quality of your translation. If possible, use documents with fewer visual elements to ensure the highest standards of translation.

If you need more information, please refer to this Help Center article.

Have a PDF you’ve been waiting to translate? You can try it out now on DeepL Translator.

DeepL Real-time PDF translation is here (2024)
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