LIST: Make your dad happy with these Father's Day promos (2024)

It's that time of the year again to treat the most important man in your life!

Are you all set on your Father’s Day surprises yet? If you aren't, then you may get some ideas from these stores and brands as they are now offering massive discounts on their products that may put a smile on dad's face.

Here are great deals and promos that could help you show your love and appreciation for dad on his big day.

EastWest Bank
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Want to celebrate the occasion by taking your dad to a buffet? EastWest Bank is giving their Elite Credit Cardholders 50% off at Medley Buffet in Okada Manila until June 30.

This exclusive offer is available to holders of the EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Platinum Mastercard, EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer World Mastercard, EastWest Priority Visa Infinite, EastWest Visa Platinum, and EastWest Platinum Mastercard.

Apart from this, it's also offering flexible payment options on essential purchases at Handyman and Landers stores, a discount of P7 per liter at Unioil when you use your EastWest Visa credit card, and P180 off on GrabFood.

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Foodpanda is offering a wide range of deals that will fit your dad’s unique personality.

If yours is the type who asks for cash as a gift, you can use the code BESTDAD with your food delivery, pick-up, pandamart, and foodpanda shops (min. spend P1499) until June 17 to enjoy P500 cashback.

For dads who like to drink and have fun, pandamart is having an alcohol sale until June 16, with up to 50% off on drinks such as Johnny Walker, San Miguel, Heineken, and more.

Foodpanda also has a promo for dads who like to be prepared for almost every scenario. You can pick out all the items you think dad would need or want and get up to 50% off on groceries and more from pandamart, Robinsons Supermarket, Puregold, Shell Select, and Watsons, among others until June 17.

Dads can also get P200 off until June 16 with the code UBMOREDAD by using UnionBank Credit Card for food delivery and pick-up orders (min. P650 spend).

GCash users likewise use the code PANDADDY to get a variety of deals with their foodpanda purchases until June 20.

Thai Royale Spa

If you feel like your dad needs a good and relaxing massage, then head over to Thai Royale Spa's branch in GMA Timog Ave. Quezon City to avail of its Father's Day promo that's good for two persons.

Dads can enjoy a one-hour Thai Body Massage Body Scrub Salt Glow for P2,149, and the same one but with oil for P2,249.

Not only that—you can also take your pick from a one-hour Swedish Body Massage Body Scrub Salt Glow for P2,249, and an Aroma Facial Body Scrub Salt Glow with one-hour Swedish Body Massage and 30-minute Foot Massage for P2,749.

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Dads need proper skin care, too, and luckily, Beautéderm is slashing off its prices for select skincare products up to 75% this Father's Day. To make their offer even more irresistible, they're also offering a Buy One, Take One promo on certain products, including their Jeune Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Mardi Belle Mineral Powder, Beau Charcoal Soap, Eye Balm D'Or Depuffing Eye Gel, and more.

The special discounts will only be available until June 17.

The Travel Club
LIST: Make your dad happy with these Father's Day promos (4)

Nothing beats going on an out-of-town trip with your dad, which is why The Travel Club is celebrating the occasion by having a 30% discount off of their travel essentials.

These include luggages, backpacks, and more from brands such as Victorinox, Piquadro, Delsey, among others, making for a perfect journey with dad whether it be a fishing trip, a road trip, or an adrenaline-pumping excurssion. The promo is available only until June 18.

La Sole Manila

Are your dad's favorite shoes looking a little old and worn-out? Make them look brand-new again with help from La Sole Manila's Father's Day promo.

You can get a pack of 20 pieces wipes for every three pairs of shoes to be cleaned. It costs P400 for one pair of any kind of shoes to be deep-cleaned and P999 for three pairs.

Inclusions are an overall premium shoe deep cleaning, shoe disinfection, a La Sole Manila drawstring shoe bag, and a Loyalty Card, wherein your 10th service is free.

LIST: Make your dad happy with these Father's Day promos (2024)
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