Thai Combination Fried Rice Recipe (2024)

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This recipe is one of my favorites. However, 8 cloves of garlic is total overkill. I usually go with 2-3 cloves and it's still plenty garlicy without burning your mouth for a week.

Also, I use two carrots instead of one and I pass on the cilantro.

Do not pass on the cucumbers, though -- they are the secret key to this recipe. However, I strongly recommend cutting them in julienne as opposed to slicing.


This is a great dish for a quick dinner. Make sure your get all the moisture out of the tofu. Then, it fries up nice and crisp. I use extra firm.


The only Thai chili sauce (as opposed to chile paste) I could find at Whole Foods was sweet chili sauce; is that right, or is it a hot chili sauce?


My family loves this recipe. We adda whole bunch of extra vegetables. It's a great way to use the stalks of broccoli, if you usually only prefer the heads. You can't go wrong with tossing in some mushrooms too.

We used extra garlic and loved it. Of course, we are firm believers that you can never have too much garlic. Using less is tantamount to sacrilege in our household.

Luc Nguyen

Sweet Chili Sauce is not it. For the chili sauce you can go with Sriracha or Sambal Olek.


Put a fried egg on top for perfection! Like in Thailand !


Fried rice is better with rice that was cooked a day or two ago, because the rice dries out a bit in the fridge and helps it become crispier and stick less. So I suggest to only make this recipe if you have leftover rice. It is a good way to use up the extra if you made a big batch for a previous meal.


I made this with Thai chili paste and Thai fish sauce. It was absolutely delicious. I sauteed some shrimp in a separate pan and added them in after the fact so they wouldn't cook. I took the advice of one of the commentators and only used 3 cloves of garlic. I used two medium carrots which was perfect amount. A very tasty and very easy meal to make.


I used a whole pound of tofu to get more protein into vegetarians. Next time I may also fold in some napa cabbage for additional fiber, Thai basil would also be nice. We loved this recipe and it was a good change from my typical sesame/soy flavored fried rice.


This might be the best stir fry I've ever made. Really awesome flavors and textures. I did use chilled rice since that is what other fried rice recipes generally call for. Would be nice to know if that step is necessary. For the chile sauce, I had sweet chile sauce and chile garlic sauce on hand. I used the chile garlic sauce but some liked the sweet sauce as a condiment on the side. my large sauté pan was okay but lots of rice flying out of the pan while trying to break up the cold rice.


This was a big hit with my family. I used about 8 ounces of chicken instead of the tofu. Could definitely use more carrots. Used grape tomatoes that stayed firm after cooking. Didn’t use any of the garnish items (cucumber, cilantro) and it didn’t seem like it was missing a thing.


We loved this. I added some mushrooms, used 4 cloves of garlic (as per other comments here), and an entire block of tofu. I dusted the tofu with a bit of cornstarch seasoned w/salt and pepper and panfried it separately before starting the stir fry to get a nice crisp exterior, then topped the rice with the tofu, cilantro, cucumbers and some leeks I'd fried in the oil. Great flavor!


Chopped peanuts on top make it perfect.


Chilling the rice is necessary for best cooking and finished texture. Can cook the rice then spread it on a sheet pan; cool; then place in the fridge to get cold. Don't cover so as to allow excess moisture to evaporate. If needing to hold overnight (or longer) remove from the sheet pan two hours (or more) after it is fully chilled into a container. Cover and return to fridge till needed.


Fried rice is no brainer but this recipe gave me a better technique on how to make it like the take out version


How is this considered "healthy" with 4 tbl canola or vegetable oil listed as the first ingredient? In no universe is even 1 tbl of any vegetable oil, especially not canola oil, healthy!


I made this this evening. A trip to the market this morning came in very handy. Living in the deep south of Italy has ingredient challenges. No limes, no cilantro, but amazingly, I found Thai basil! I should add the steps in the recipe were responsible for a great dish! Thanks

Shabana Waheed

This was disgusting. Who puts 5 cups of rice in with that few ingredients. Waste of food. Threw it away


My go-to fried rice dish. Everyone loves it.


Way too much rice. Overwhelmed my wok so had rice everywhere. I did add extra veggies-snap peas, green beans, eggplant to empty the fridge as well as the green onions and carrots. Full 8 cloves of garlic; I added more vegan fish sauce and sriracha to compensate for added volume. I think it was missing a sweet note. My usual (Indonesian) fried rice recipe has a little molasses and brown sugar which I think would be good to add.


The family loved this, but I would prefer a higher flavor profile. A bit bland. Maybe a jalapeno slice or two. More raw chopped ginger. Some Thai basil or even regular basil. I dressed the cukes with rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chopped scallion & a few chili flakes. Definitely needed!


Made this with the Siracha tofu from Trader Joe’s and didn’t add the Thai chili sauce and it was delish. Also added the TJs chili onion peanuts for garnish, it was awesome.

Michael Heggarty

Broccoli is great add on. Brown rice works really well.


The 10 minute thing is kind of false advertising. As others have noted, you need to do the rice at least the day before to let it dry out a bit. I made fresh rice right before doing this, which of course adds 15 more minutes and it led to mushy fried rice. Great flavors though!


I added two TBSP of fish sauce because it's all I had left, and had to add at least that much more soy. I threw in some frozen peas because had them (at the end), all the packet of tofu and two carrots so I understand these additions would need an increase in flavors but it was still kind of bland. The cucumber, lime and cilantro are a must, it's what makes it an ordinary fried rice to something unique.

Susan P.

I halved the garlic, doubled the carrots, used 3T of fish sauce, and used 8 oz canned crab meat for the protein. DELICIOUS!


Excellent! Added extra veggies and fish sauce . Everyone loved it. Had it with pork skewers with peanut coconut sauce


Jasmine rice clumped. The dish did not have the correct texture to mimic fried rice. Felt that the dish was bland.


We followed all of the directions, and my husband and I agreed that 1) the best bites were the ones that were chock-full of the herbs (we used cilantro and Thai basil), and that the herb amount should be doubled. 2) The Sriracha that we had didn't impart much heat to it- next time, we'll use Thai chilis.


The problem with this dish is that I literally can't stop eating it. It's super-tasty. I made a few mods to make it more vegetable-heavy: Used 2 large carrots (and I think 3 would be good), added 2 - 3 diced broccoli stalks, and almost a whole pint of sh*take mushrooms, diced. Went heavy on the hot sauce - a combination of chili sauce and Sriracha because that's what I had. Good for a quick weeknight - even with all the chopping it still took about an hour.

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Thai Combination Fried Rice Recipe (2024)
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