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A cup is a unit of volume measurement of volume equal to 16 tablespoons, ½ pint, ¼ quart, or 8 fluid ounces.

A US cup is about 237 ml. Rougher equivalents are 240 ml and 250 ml, where the latter fits nicely with a US pint of 500 ml and a pound of 500 g.

A metric cup is 250 mL in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. These countries previously used the imperial system, in which a cup would be 284 ml or 6/5 US cups.

A Japanese rice cup is 180 ml. A measuring cup of this size is sometimes included with rice cookers.

A teacup, often seen as a unit of measurement in Indian recipes, is about 190 ml, or ⅔ of an imperial (UK) cup.

Cookbook:Cup - Wikibooks, open books for an open world (2024)
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