500 Grams To Cups (2024)

This 500 grams to cups measurement conversion chart will help you learn how many cups is 500 grams of various ingredients. It is a must-have for any cook or baker!

500 Grams To Cups (1)

Knowing that 500 grams are a lot of flour, sugar, or other dry ingredients is not enough to succeed in baking. It is essential to measure ingredients accurately.

Whether following a recipe from another country that uses the metric system, grams to cups conversion charts become so handy.

Use a reverse unit conversion - cups calculator - if you make American recipes.

Professional chefs measure ingredients by weight with a kitchen scale which is more accurate than volume measurements.

You should use standard measuring cups to make American recipes; an ordinary disposable cup doesn't work.

So what kind of cups should you have in the kitchen? Not many, just a couple of different types of cups:

  • measuring cup for dry ingredients;
  • liquid measuring cup with standard (cups and fluid ounces) and metric measurement markings for liquid ingredients.

Make sure to pay attention to the cup size you use: an Australian measuring cup differs from American cup measurements and an imperial cup.

For example, a US cup equals 240 ml, a metric cup used to make Australian recipes is 250 ml, and an imperial cup equals 284 ml.

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How to convert 500 grams to cups

Conversion from grams to cups isn't as straightforward a task as it seems. Gram is a metric unit of weight; a cup is a unit of volume.

So there is no exact conversion rate from weight to volume. To convert 500 grams to cups, you need to know the ingredient you will convert and the density of the ingredient.

This post provides a detailed conversion for the most common ingredients.

The measurements are given for grams and US cups. Cups are abbreviated as "c" and rounded to two decimal places; grams are abbreviated as "g."

All the measurements are given for alevel cup(not a heaped or scant cup).

500 grams flour to cups

How many cups is 500 grams of flour? 500 grams of all purpose flour equals 4 cups. Or 4 cups of flour equals 500 g.

How many cups is 500 grams of bread flour? 500g of bread flour equals 3.94 cups.

Here is a conversion table for other types of flour.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
All-purpose flour 4 cups
00 flour 3.94 cups
Almond flour 5.21 cups
Bread flour 3.94 cups
Buckwheat flour 4.17 cups
Cake flour 5 cups
Chestnut flour 5.56 cups
Coconut flour 4.46 cups
Cornflour 3.33 cups
Gluten-free flour 4.1 cups
Pastry flour 4.63 cups
Rye flour 4.9 cups
Self-rising flour 4 cups
Semolina flour 2.99 cups
Tapioca flour 4.1 cups
Whole wheat flour 3.86 cups

500 grams sugar to cups

How many cups is 500 grams of sugar? 500 grams of granulated sugar equals 2.5 cups.

Here is a chart to convert 500 g of other types of sugar into cups.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Brown sugar 2.5 cups
Caster sugar 2.22 cups
Granulated sugar 2.5 cups
Icing sugar 4 cups
Powdered sugar 4 cups


How many cups is 500 grams of honey? 500 grams of honey equals 1.47 cups. Other sweeteners are listed in the table below.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Golden syrup 1.51 cups
Honey 1.47 cups
Light corn syrup 1.54 cups
Maple syrup 1.58 cups
Molasses 1.45 cups
Treacle syrup 1.52 cups


How many cups is 500 grams of butter? 500 grams of butter equals 2.2 cups.

Some American recipes call for a stick of butter, so you might need to convert grams of butter to sticks.

Search other types of fats in the conversion chart below.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Avocado oil 2.33 cups
Butter 2.2 cups
Coconut oil 2.31 cups
Ghee 2.27 cups
Grapeseed oil 2.33 cups
Macadamia oil 2.34 cups
Margarine 2.3 cups
Sesame oil 2.29 cups
Sunflower oil 2.28 cups
Peanut oil 2.25 cups
Peanut butter, creamy 1.94 cups
Vegetable oil 2.24 cups
Vegetable shortening 2.62 cups
Virgin olive oil 2.28 cups

500 grams milk to cups

How many cups is 500 grams of milk? 500 grams of milk equal 2.07 cups. Or 2.07 cups of milk equal 500 g.

How many cups is 500 grams of water? 500 grams of pure water equal 2.11 cups. Or 2.11 cups of water equal 500 g.

Other liquid ingredients are listed below.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Buttermilk 2.04 cups
Condensed milk, sweetened 1.63 cups
Goat milk 2.05 cups
Heavy cream 2.16 cups
Water 2.11 cups
Whipping cream 2.1 cups
Whole milk 2.07 cups

Nuts and seeds

How many cups is 500 grams of whole almonds? 500 grams of almonds equal 3.5 cups.

Find the conversion of 500 grams to cups for other nuts and seeds below.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Almonds, whole 3.5 cups
Brazil nuts, whole 3.76 cups
Cashew nuts, whole 3.5 cups
Chia seeds 3.07 cups
Coconut, shredded 5.38 cups
Flax seeds, whole 2.98 cups
Hazelnuts, whole 3.62 cups
Hazelnut meal 4.33 cups
Macadamia nuts, whole 3.73 cups
Peanuts 3.42 cups
Pecans, whole 5.05 cups
Pecans, chopped 4.59 cups
Pistachios, whole 4.07 cups
Poppy seeds 3.55 cups
Walnuts, whole 4.63 cups
Walnuts chopped 4.27 cups

Leavening agents and powders

How many cups is 500 g of ground coffee? 500 grams of ground coffee equals 3.91 cups.

500 grams to cups conversion for leavening agents and powders are listed below.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Baking powder 2.26 cups
Baking soda 2.26 cups
Cocoa powder 4.24 cups
Cream of tartar 3.09 cups
Ground coffee 3.91 cups
Gelatin, powdered 3.33 cups
Pink salt 1.88 cups
Salt, table 1.83 cups
Vanilla extract 2.4 cups
Yeast, active dry 3.67 cups
Yeast, instant 3.31 cups
Yeast, fresh 3.34 cups

Other ingredients

How many cups is 500 grams of rice? 500 grams of Basmati rice equal 2.56 cups.

Here is a list of 500 grams to cups conversion for other different ingredients.

Note: All the rice conversions are made for uncooked rice.

Ingredient 500 grams (g)
Basmati rice 2.56 cups
Bread crumbs, dried 5 cups
Brown medium-grain rice 2.63 cups
Chocolate chips 3.13 cups
Cream cheese 2.08 cups
Milk Powder 3.91 cups
Rolled Oats 5.56 cups
White long rice 2.7 cups
White medium-grain rice 2.56 cups
White short round rice 2.5 cups
Wild rice 3.13 cups
Yogurt 2 cups

More baking conversions

Now check out other grams and cups measurement conversion tables:

Also, download this FREE handyKitchen Conversion Chart to stick on your fridge. It includes conversions for liquid and non-liquid ingredients also oven temperatures.


Baking gets more accessible with a collection of baking conversion charts.

And this handy 500 g in cups guide includes all the necessary conversions for the common cooking ingredients.

Whether you are a beginner baker or an experienced cook, the question of how many cups are 500 grams rises while making recipes.

Or other frequently asked questions about 500 g in cups or 500g cups include:

  • What is 500 grams in cups?
  • How much is 500 grams in cups?
  • How much is 500 grams?
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While a cups converter benefits those, who are used to metric measurements, gram conversions help those living in the United States to make recipes with ingredients listed in grams and milliliters.

Still, a digital scale gives the most accurate results in measuring recipe ingredients.

Besides 500g to cups, similar weight to volume conversions include:

If you like this guide, save it to Pinterest and spread the word.

And if you ever need to learn baking basics to elevate your at-home baking creations, sign up for aBaking Basics E-course.

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500 Grams To Cups (2024)
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